Extension service is a form of intellectual provision of agriculture. It was established in the 70s of the XIX century in the USA and then operates successfully in all countries of the world. Accordingly, in 1964, the Agrochemical Service was established in the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, the service area of ​​which consisted of soil, fertilizer, plants. One of the links of this service is the Adam Beridze Soil and Food Diagnostic Center "Anaseuli", which has a history of almost 60 years.
Diagnostic Center "Anaseuli" was established on May 15, 2007 on the basis of Agrochemical Service and Soil Fertility Anaseuli Center
Adam Beridze Soil and Food Diagnostic Center "Anaseuli" (hereinafter the center "Anaseuli") is a limited liability company with 100% state share. It is subject to the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, LEPL Agricultural Research Center.
After the soil and food diagnostic center "Anaseuli" was transferred to the LEPL Agricultural Research Center, updated work plans were developed, as a result of which the center became the largest scientific research base in western Georgia. In addition to conducting soil surveys and food diagnostics, test-demonstration plots for tea and subtropical, as well as other perennial and annual crops, were set up at the base. Anaseuli laboratory was reconstructed; A tea nursery has been set up, selective varieties of subtropical crops are being selected, a plant genetic bank and basic mother plots are being set up. In addition, mini tea processing workshops were organized. The center has a conference hall, guest rooms for participants in trainings and conferences.

The main functions of the Center Anaseuli are: soil survey, determination of qualitative indicators, scaling of individual plots based on survey materials. Development of scientifically substantiated recommendations for soil protection, fertility restoration, fertilizer and agro reclamation measures, recommendations for soil fertility enhancement, conservation and cessation of negative processes, taking into account specific natural climatic conditions. Training and consulting of farmers and other farmers in the field of use of agrochemicals, soil protection, obtaining high and quality crops, food safety. "Adam Beridze Soil and Food Diagnosis Center Ltd." Areas of activity include:
The field of activity of the laboratory includes in particular:
Agrochemical research: to increase soil fertility and rational use of fertilizers.
To determine the content of fertilizers, pesticides and other residues in soils, waters, plants and food products in order to determine food safety and quality and to provide relevant information.
Diagnosis of plant pests (pests, diseases, weeds), making recommendations, development of integrated pest management methods and introduction of them on farms.

Experience and implemented activities
Anaseuli Center provided agrochemical services to the regions of Georgia. It has an extensive information bank on the quality indicators of the soils of western Georgia and the technology of care and cultivation of crops located on it. Has conducted 5 rounds of agrochemical studies of soils. Based on the obtained data, it has developed measures to increase soil fertility and rational use of fertilizers under tea, citrus, hazelnut, orchards, vineyards, annual crops and has been handed over to farmers. This center allows Anaseuli Center to compare data from previous years with new research materials and draw conclusions about soil fertility variability, its desertification and fertility decline processes, erosion, secondary wetlands, and more.
Center "Anaseul" has extensive experience in working and interacting with farmers. Seminars are often held in different regions of western Georgia. Farmers are given recommendations to move crops, increase soil fertility, use new highly effective fertilizers. To take measures to prevent erosion and secondary wetlands, to improve acidic soils, to introduce environmentally safe technologies.
The specialists of the center "Anaseuli" have published brochures, recommendations, articles in popular magazines. They have developed agro-technologies.
Anaseuli's center's list of works includes the introduction of technologies to promote the quality of agricultural products and the production of environmentally safe products for the production of organic products on farms.